Welcome dog families to zoesdoggiedelights.com!

I am proud to announce this small business where your dog treats are baked fresh when your order comes in. This is a gourmet corner barkery…online!

The idea behind this venture is to bake wholesome and delicious treats for our best friends that include healthy fresh ingredients that dogs love such as sweet potato, cheese, bananas, pumpkin, eggs, carrots and of course, peanut butter! Some contain a slightly different edge like applesauce, baby food, or cream cheese.

There are no artificial ingredients or flavors added. No food dye is used either.  All colors in our cookies come from the fresh fruits and vegetables they are baked with.  Our dog treats are pet friendly, people friendly AND earth friendly!  In the interest of supreme dog health, they are baked with very little to no sodium, sometimes organic, but always fresh and minimally processed ingredients.

Zoe’s Doggie Delights are multi-pet treats! Each delicious treat has its own unique flavor that has been sampled and approved by the pickiest pups, as well as rabbits, horses, and even pigs!

Whether savory or sweet, these delights make excellent gifts for new puppies, holidays, and doggie birthdays! They are also PAWfect every day treats for the dogs in your life. Custom orders are available! You can email me at info@zoesdoggiedelights.com or message me on Facebook or Instagram and we will work with you to create a unique package to meet your needs! WHEAT FREE and other special dietary needs can be baked too!


Thank you for stopping by! You and your best friend will be glad you tried our delicacies!